Possible Major College change?

Idk, I'm not happy with my major right now and I'm pretty much failing the classes and I mean I do try but this semester has been hard on me and I don't like Payroll Accounting - especially since it's a online class. It's hard and I'm probably going to have my GPA lowered because I'm going to fail at least two classes and idk what to do.

I think I'm gonna go on Wednesday up to the college to talk to my advisor or something and get a new major maybe that I'll be more comfortable with?? I wouldn't even mind having to take a math class if I don't have to do Payroll Accounting and I'm just NOT happy.

So many decisions and stress and worry, I've been having trouble sleeping lately too...


Too lazy to update anything on my profile/delete entires, I guess I should start posting things here more often for lack of better to do.

Still too bad imgur doesn't work here anymore, I really don't want to try tinypic or w/e.
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New Laptop

I'm excited for the fact today I managed to buy myself a new laptop for like 300$? Or well about 330$ but ended up spending about 430$ to add in a new mouse, a new headset, and a laptop case.

I've not opened it up yet but from what I know it has like 500gb and is lighter then this laptop. I'm using this laptop for a bit until I try out my other one and then I'll have the joy of figuring out Windows 8 and lucky I think it's not touch screen either :).

Feels like things are a lot less stressful now and I'm on spring break for college this week too so I can get caught up on some school work and what not! So far turning 20 last month in February makes me take a deep breathe and focus on my studies then stressing my self out over friends/and or relationships. I guess I gloomed about it for the past couple months due to my friends being in relationships but I got over it because I need to focus on my self-esteem and being happy, because if I'm not happy how will I keep my partner happy (somewhat anyways).

In turn, when I test out of my math class I'm definitely planning on going to the gym and trying to lose a few pounds on my stomach and thighs, hips I can't really do anything about since they're big.
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Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno

I just finished watching this movie...and I almost kind of want a hour of my life back, even though it was two hours long.

The first movie, in my personal opinion, is way better than the second.
This one just felt awkward at times with the fighting and then there was Kaoru and some ninja girl who was basically useless throughout the whole thing and why did they have to be in this movie??

Some guy named Aoshi I felt was useless as well because idk...don't need to fit every single character in the series into the movie? The whole time he's just like "Where's Battosai?" And blergh, he would pop up and I really wanted to just skip the scene but I forced myself not to skip and watched the whole thing.

Not much else I can say as it's 3am and everything is starting to look blurry to I'll probably edit this later for a more solid review.
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It's a simple entry.

I'm glad I got into community college, everything just kind of fits now I guess? My social life is getting better, I'm getting out of my shell and I'm a lot happier then I was in high school.

One of the main things that helped is my best friend goes to the same community college I do so I'm not completely alone but I still made some new friends, even if they are very few ones. I'm still decently shy and I probably always will be, but at least I'm not blocking out everyone who speaks to me.

I even managed to make some friends at the Bowling Alley I go too now with my dad and they're kind of elderly people but I don't mind because they're all nice and just enjoying bowling as leaguers.

Well, this was just sort of a update and hopefully next semester I might even have a job!
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Kpop + Cruise + College

It's been a while since I've posted on my live journal mostly due to the lack of interesting things that happened/hasn't happened.
Sorry if on my layout things aren't very..readable - I like this layout too much and plus I'm kind of too lazy to look for another one.
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I'm wait to lazy to edit my profile or put journals on friends view only.

Ah well, I've realized I've changed a lot over the years since I've been on livejournal and for the better too.
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My computer decided it wanted to crap out on me and my dad restarted my computer to the very beginning.

I literally have NOTHING on my computer anymore.

I lost all the Arashi, Kanjnai8, Dramas, Music Videos etc that I had downloaded ;;. I think that was almost 100GB? Hopefully I might e able to find everything again to download ;;

I'm annoyed I lost my fanfictions as well that I've read but lucky with some I published them in a community of mine. So glad I sent Itsumo Soba Ni chapter 8 off to Sie or else I would of been plan out of luck!
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I managed to find Dream Boys 2006 and Dream Boys 2007. I'm going to start watching them soon! It's actually my first time watching Dream Boys so I think I'll enjoy it.

Especially since one has Kanjani8 in it (2006) and Kat-tun(2006), while Kame and Koki in 2007 with some Kis-My-Ft2 in it!
..Woh Dream Boys 2007 skips around so much, I don't even understand what's going on now xD

Edit -

.....LOL Dream Boys 2006 & 2007 are basically the same story line, with a few things changed and actors changed as well. Oh well.
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New Layout and Mood Themes! + More

I felt like I finally needed a change to my journal and I managed to decide on a layout, it may be one I used before but I like it.

My new mood themes are Okura from Kanjani8! I've used my Kame mood themes for a long time so I changed them, it was work to put everything into photobucket but I managed to do it, though I had to create a new account just in case haha.

Everything has changed after what like..a year? It's been ages since everything was last changed, heck even icons sometimes.
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